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Cut One

At BetCorrect we Reward Players who were unlucky because one game spoilt their ticket.

Imagine playing a bet of 15 games with ₦100 and you wanted to win ₦300,000 but one game spoils that ticket.

At BetCorrect we will pay you a part of that ₦300,000 winning amount, so you can still make a profit!


Conditions for 'Cut 1' Feature:

  • The 'Cut 1' feature is exclusively applicable to accumulator bets that include a minimum of 7 selections and above.

  • The minimum odds per selection must be 1.40

Available for Any Sports:

  • The 'Cut 1' feature can be used with accumulator bets across any sports category.

Incompatibility with Sports Bonuses:

  • The 'Cut 1' feature cannot be utilized simultaneously with sports bonuses.

Payout Calculation:

  • The potential payout for a 'Cut 1' bet is determined by the recalculated odds of the remaining winning selections within the active group. Payouts are computed using these recalculated odds and the initial bet amount.

  • If a selection in a multiple bet is voided or cancelled, then that selection will not be counted in the winning amount calculation.

  • The total winnings accrued to the user will be 10% of your correct selections minus the stake.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • The 'Cut 1' feature is governed by the general terms and conditions outlined by BetCorrect. You can access these terms on the platform.

Platform Authority:

  • BetCorrect reserves the right to make adjustments, suspend, or discontinue the 'Cut 1' feature as deemed necessary.


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